Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I won't say whom amongst my brothers or sisters this dream focused on, but it was about them and I woke up with a huge sadness in my mood.

I don't recollect exactly what happened to bring me to that point, but I remember being at my parent's home, around their dinner table. A man in a white coat/jacket? was there breaking the news that one of my (brothers/sisters) had died in a horrible accident. Dead. But it was possible to bring them back. The only catch was if they were brought back to life, there was an almost certain possibility they would not have the same personality. The man in the white coat explained it like this: Regardless of your memory of them and whom they were: They might come back as Nobel scientist or doctor. Or, they could equally come back as a drug addict alcoholic. Basically they may come back for the better...or far worse than you could ever imagine. But as a family, at least, they would be alive.

I pleaded with my parents NO. Not because I missed them so, but because we don't know what is going to come back: The person we bring back to life will NOT BE THE ONE we knew... My mother fought back and said if there is a chance to bring them back, we should. I disputed we could make them even worse...and I didn't want to lose them...

Suddenly the man in the white coat told us it was too late...they had already been reborn somewhere on earth...then I woke up.

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