Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I had a dream I was on a bike trying to ride home. The sun was already set but the sky still held what little left of light in it giving everything a blue, azure tint. The place felt familiar, like the area I grew up in as a kid. There wasn't really much traffic on the streets, none really and all the shops were closed. Street lights were still on but few and far between and barely able to light the pavement as I rode along. As I am riding the bike I come up to an intersection that is empty. No cars. I am on the right side of the street, and somehow I know that I need to make another right at this corner. That's when I see in the middle of this plaza parking lot there is a single light with a bench under it lit by a dim orangish floodlight with men sitting around the table. I'm confused where I am at so I decided to maybe go and ask for help from them. As I get closer to the table I see that this group of  men are all my uncles from my mom's side of the family...including my uncle Barney and uncle Louie whom have passed away. By the time I reach them I am out of breath but super relieved that it's someone I know. I talk to them, saying hello and if they can help me. They just stare back at me in silence. I think I probably tried to ask some more questions but realize they can't understand me, but recognize me enough to not push me away. Something tells me I need to get home before it's too dark to find my way home so I get back on my bike and go. I look back one more time and they are still sitting at the bench amongst themselves. And then I woke up.

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