Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I just woke up now and I was on an island somewhere in the Indian ocean. On the helicopter we are on, we are headed to a strange outcropping of rock but as we get closer it actually has a single space amongst it's spires to land. As we are landing the pilot mentions we are at the nest of a rare species of terrapins "that's what the pilot called them". Everywhere around us are weird, large turtles. They have really long necks, turtle heads, tortoise shells, but super long, thick legs. They stand from foot to head...almost eye to eye. I have never seen a "terrapin" like this. This island is extremely small, and rocky...almost like a volcanic shard that plants just made fertile. And the the end of this cave was an egg. Easily half my body height.  My mom wanted to hold this egg but when she did dark yolk came cracks in it's shell. And then I woke up.

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