Thursday, June 27, 2013

I had a dream that I was driving my car but it  was crammed with people in it...6 including me. I don't know how but there was someone jammed up against my lap and the gear stick...made sense in the dream. At any rate I wasn't in a good mood but I dropped them off in front of someplace that looked like a Costco or something while I went to go find parking. Then I hear a weird clicking noise and look back at my back right tire to see that it is completely flat AND off the rim somehow. I park the car and my dad and another man are there. They help me pick up the tire and tell me not to worry about it. My dad then tells me to come home with him because he wants to show me something.

Be basically tells me my mother and him have a "me" as a baby and my mom is right now in their bed room trying to rock him to sleep. I get sort of nervous but at the same time am curious to I guess. My dad guides me to the room and there is a small child walking around on wobbly legs in front of me with really brown hair. I immediatly start welling with tears and hug the child in my arms. To my surprise the little boy speaks " I am really sad that I won't be able to keep you." I hug him a bit closer and tell him not to worry, you will always be with me forever. And then I woke up.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You playing small does not help the world.
You will recognize your own path when you come upon it. Because you will suddenly have all the imagination and energy you will ever need.
Smart kids over think what they know as a boundary.
I was asleep in my own bed.
I woke up and I was on the couch.
Without a thought I got up, went about my day. And thus went to sleep again.
And awoke on my dining room chair.

The next outside...

The next across town...

The next another country...

You died when you were younger. You have no place in THIS world...

Perhaps the void of this world has drawn you from YOUR world to be a piece of the puzzle of this reality.
My greatest fear is that I will let others down.

And the black depths.
Family to an introvert is different.I love my family...everyone else must give reason to love them.
The initiative that inspires the talent.
Maybe it is the changing strategy of the world...but not the world I grew up in...
What a wonder, for this world to have been new...and feared.
Man eventually learned knowledge...meaning over this world you are now the master.


Yet you were never master of your own fears.
Only a few ever find the way.
Some never do.
Some never want to...
I won't say whom amongst my brothers or sisters this dream focused on, but it was about them and I woke up with a huge sadness in my mood.

I don't recollect exactly what happened to bring me to that point, but I remember being at my parent's home, around their dinner table. A man in a white coat/jacket? was there breaking the news that one of my (brothers/sisters) had died in a horrible accident. Dead. But it was possible to bring them back. The only catch was if they were brought back to life, there was an almost certain possibility they would not have the same personality. The man in the white coat explained it like this: Regardless of your memory of them and whom they were: They might come back as Nobel scientist or doctor. Or, they could equally come back as a drug addict alcoholic. Basically they may come back for the better...or far worse than you could ever imagine. But as a family, at least, they would be alive.

I pleaded with my parents NO. Not because I missed them so, but because we don't know what is going to come back: The person we bring back to life will NOT BE THE ONE we knew... My mother fought back and said if there is a chance to bring them back, we should. I disputed we could make them even worse...and I didn't want to lose them...

Suddenly the man in the white coat told us it was too late...they had already been reborn somewhere on earth...then I woke up.
I just woke up now and I was on an island somewhere in the Indian ocean. On the helicopter we are on, we are headed to a strange outcropping of rock but as we get closer it actually has a single space amongst it's spires to land. As we are landing the pilot mentions we are at the nest of a rare species of terrapins "that's what the pilot called them". Everywhere around us are weird, large turtles. They have really long necks, turtle heads, tortoise shells, but super long, thick legs. They stand from foot to head...almost eye to eye. I have never seen a "terrapin" like this. This island is extremely small, and rocky...almost like a volcanic shard that plants just made fertile. And the the end of this cave was an egg. Easily half my body height.  My mom wanted to hold this egg but when she did dark yolk came cracks in it's shell. And then I woke up.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I had a dream I was on a bike trying to ride home. The sun was already set but the sky still held what little left of light in it giving everything a blue, azure tint. The place felt familiar, like the area I grew up in as a kid. There wasn't really much traffic on the streets, none really and all the shops were closed. Street lights were still on but few and far between and barely able to light the pavement as I rode along. As I am riding the bike I come up to an intersection that is empty. No cars. I am on the right side of the street, and somehow I know that I need to make another right at this corner. That's when I see in the middle of this plaza parking lot there is a single light with a bench under it lit by a dim orangish floodlight with men sitting around the table. I'm confused where I am at so I decided to maybe go and ask for help from them. As I get closer to the table I see that this group of  men are all my uncles from my mom's side of the family...including my uncle Barney and uncle Louie whom have passed away. By the time I reach them I am out of breath but super relieved that it's someone I know. I talk to them, saying hello and if they can help me. They just stare back at me in silence. I think I probably tried to ask some more questions but realize they can't understand me, but recognize me enough to not push me away. Something tells me I need to get home before it's too dark to find my way home so I get back on my bike and go. I look back one more time and they are still sitting at the bench amongst themselves. And then I woke up.