Thursday, June 27, 2013

I had a dream that I was driving my car but it  was crammed with people in it...6 including me. I don't know how but there was someone jammed up against my lap and the gear stick...made sense in the dream. At any rate I wasn't in a good mood but I dropped them off in front of someplace that looked like a Costco or something while I went to go find parking. Then I hear a weird clicking noise and look back at my back right tire to see that it is completely flat AND off the rim somehow. I park the car and my dad and another man are there. They help me pick up the tire and tell me not to worry about it. My dad then tells me to come home with him because he wants to show me something.

Be basically tells me my mother and him have a "me" as a baby and my mom is right now in their bed room trying to rock him to sleep. I get sort of nervous but at the same time am curious to I guess. My dad guides me to the room and there is a small child walking around on wobbly legs in front of me with really brown hair. I immediatly start welling with tears and hug the child in my arms. To my surprise the little boy speaks " I am really sad that I won't be able to keep you." I hug him a bit closer and tell him not to worry, you will always be with me forever. And then I woke up.

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