Sunday, March 8, 2020

I don't know how it started or exactly why, but it did.

I was back at an old house of mine of sorts sharing a room with my brothers when every night I would hear small shuffling noises coming from the closet sometime very late at night. Everyone else was asleep and it seemed only I was awake and hearing it. Then somehow or another a small being would emerge from the closet and I would be frozen terrified. Couldn't make out too much detail of it but it was very short like a child, had what appeared to be long upward pointy ears, a bit of a pot belly but it was the eyes which seemed to have a dull, faint white glow. It had a white cloth wrapped around it's hips almost like a sash or diaper. It would never say anything or act aggressive, just stand there and stair at me unblinking...I was frozen completely and would never scream or yell. Just stair back and pray it didn't try to reach out or come any closer.

And so this would happen night after night to the point where I was no longer afraid but curious until one night, when it appeared I had the courage to speak and ask it what did it want and why was it coming night after night.

It spoke via a voice in my mind, the sound of a calmer, older gentleman asking me what I was.
I responded human.

It then began to ask me what would be an example of the average human fighter or champion of my world.
For some reason my first response was Batman or Superman.

It then left only to return the next night with 2 others, one a visably older version of the first one with even a bit of white facial hair almost like a beard, the other was a more younger version who had what looked like a gun.

The older one spoke speaking of how this world was soon to be under attack and I had been chosen to help defend it. I didn't understand how or why and before I could elaborate this question to them I was handed a 3 inch floppy disk and told to download it's contents quickly to any computer that I had, that the information on this disk would mean the difference of life or death for my planet.

I remember the disk being a dull, metallic pewter/lead color, with some strange symbols etched on the label. Also the small metal sliding pieces that protects the disk storage was very loose and falling off as if this disk had been salvaged and very used.

I popped the disk into my computer and created a new folder, copy, paste the contents and quickly started browsing...there were pictures of dozens of different beings which I could only shockingly take as the time as other actual alien was alot to take in. There were also a large amount of documents and manifests about war tactics and famous battles within...battle of Troy, punic wars, ww2 and even the mention of wars I don't think had even taken place yet.

I popped the disk out, reclipped the metal slider and began copying the data to my nearby laptop. I was peaking back into the room and saw the older being speaking with some of my family. I then took the disk and came back into the darkened room and handed it back to them.

The next thing I know its the following day and I am out somewhere like a large supermarket with my laptop, and the only thing I can think of is finding a place to sit down and start reading the files from the floppy disk. I find a counter near the front and try to begin accessing the files when suddenly there is a panic...people are running in from the parking lot and there are alot of dark shadows on the ground as if birds are flying above...

The 6th Drone Supremecy.

Indian Airforce Base somewhere in the california desert.

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