Monday, January 28, 2019

I became aware in a dream I was somewhere with my family near an old neighborhood of mine. It was night and there were many other people over my parent's house, perhaps for a family get together or something. At any rate there was a large commotion and everyone was reacting to the television. It was showing something about large orange/red clouded lights appearing in the night sky and people disappearing. It is currently night and a bit of rain in the air.

At that moment we looked outside to the north-east and ever so slowly a reddish light began to bath everything, very, very slowly. As we looked up into it we could begin to see the source of this light behind some rain clouds which began to slowly turn a reddish orange.

In a panic everyone began running to vehicles with the plan of going down the street to a safe house of sorts. For some reason in the dream I was fixated on trying to reach a bank and withdraw money...I still don't know why. At any rate I rode out on my bike and met up with another woman who was trying to do the same. As we kept peddling as hard as we could we seemed to outrun whatever this red cloud was up until a point, until it eventually caught up to us and the unsettling reddish light began to overtake our area. It was then that I realized getting to the bank was going to be impossible and began to peddle back to the neighborhood I came from only to find my parents house empty. I rode to the safe house that everyone was talking about and when I reached it, it was exposed, almost like a shop house with everyone inside on the first floor only, with the entrance an open wall obscured only by a small screen window...almost like a bank teller.

It was nice to see everyone inside but they were all very worried. Someone said that they had not seen certain people's children in days nor heard from them and they feared the worst. It was obvious they had all seen something I had not and were very terrified.

As if all of a sudden an unearthly rumbling/howling/bellowing shook the ground and walls which startled everyone immediately. We turned off all the lights, lowered the shutters and huddled all together, faces starring out in fear at the windows. Suddenly from over the treeline, this giant, winged creature with a very large head, almost like a mushroom glided directly above our heads. I got a good look at it's body and it seemed to be a massive collection of roots or tentacles. Coming out from under it's mushroom hood was what appeared to be a large skewer shaped object. It just kept continuing on flying around, either not seeing us or not minding our presence. It was soon joined up by another and another and they all seemed to be bellowing that same low but loud call/moaning.

Suddenly the sound of a car alarm begins to blare right next to us, flashing it's headlamps and sounding off the car horn. In a panic that we will attract something we do not want, we look immediately for the alarm buzzer to turn it off when suddenly the car rams directly into our small safe house. It then begins to drag our safe house through some other houses until finally sending it smashing into another house. I look around and don't see half of the others I was with, only and older man, a woman with two children and myself. It is now early morning. In a panic to take cover, I find a nearby shopping cart and tell the woman and her children to follow me. She puts the children in the cart. The old man says he's going to wander a bit and look for some supplies and meet up with us.

As we make are way up the street there is a large woman with several children just sitting on the front steps of their home, garage door open. We immediately run towards them and warn them of what is happening. At that moment, we all run into their house and close the door and hunker down. The old man is there as well. Everyone is a bit confused as to what is going on and in that moment, through the laced curtains of the house, I catch a bit of strange movement outside in the street. For a brief moment I glimpse what looks like a walking squid with a green molted pattern walking up an adjacent street. I warn everyone to calm down and stay quiet. Once again through the windows I see that same squid robot followed by some sort of large green man. Almost immediately the squid robot heads directly towards the door/window we are all huddled in. When it reaches the window, it does not try to break it, but instead a light in it's "head" turns on and this large metal arm just comes through the wall without breaking it...phases through I guess. At the end of this arm is a strange looking hand that has the feel of a twisted elephant's nose with four large fingers each ending in a white rubbery tip. I get the sense it can see us but is starting to feel around for us. As it touches each and everyone one of us we freeze up in fear. When it comes to me it begins to land on my neck. I dare not move or breath heavy and begin to panic a bit when it lingers with it's cold touch upon me. I twitch a bit involuntarily causing the hand to then begins moving towards my left shoulder where it rests again for a moment, before firmly grabbing me and pulling me out of the house to come face to face with the strange green man.

The green man then tells me that I will need to come with him unless I want anyone else hurt. I don't say a word and am being led towards to yellow open vehicle of some sorts with green molting. It appears to be next to the homes open garage door but was not there earlier. I get the feeling wherever they are taking me, I will never be seen again.

And then I woke up.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

I recently had a dream that I was staying with this family in some sort of cabin somewhere. Not sure. It was a mother, father and their young daughter. At any rate they were very nice but the daughter seemed very agitated. The parents told me it was because she said that she could see people in the room that weren't there. The little girl was afraid and i was trying to talk with her but she kept covering her face. I told her to just stare at me and i would keep her safe, though I couldn't see what she was talking about. She then mentioned that if you go into a dark room you can see them appear.

So we did that, sitting at the foot of the bed in a very dark room. The room got cold and a subtle green light began to appear and the form of a young man from the torso up was there. His eyes were solid black with a large white circle smudged around his lower face and chin. His name was William and he was really friendly.

Later on I was at a store where and older lady was there claiming she knew William when he was alive. I told her i believed her because I had seen him to and she became suddenly very distant and looking right through me.

And then I woke up.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I had a dream that I was driving my car but it  was crammed with people in it...6 including me. I don't know how but there was someone jammed up against my lap and the gear stick...made sense in the dream. At any rate I wasn't in a good mood but I dropped them off in front of someplace that looked like a Costco or something while I went to go find parking. Then I hear a weird clicking noise and look back at my back right tire to see that it is completely flat AND off the rim somehow. I park the car and my dad and another man are there. They help me pick up the tire and tell me not to worry about it. My dad then tells me to come home with him because he wants to show me something.

Be basically tells me my mother and him have a "me" as a baby and my mom is right now in their bed room trying to rock him to sleep. I get sort of nervous but at the same time am curious to I guess. My dad guides me to the room and there is a small child walking around on wobbly legs in front of me with really brown hair. I immediatly start welling with tears and hug the child in my arms. To my surprise the little boy speaks " I am really sad that I won't be able to keep you." I hug him a bit closer and tell him not to worry, you will always be with me forever. And then I woke up.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You playing small does not help the world.
You will recognize your own path when you come upon it. Because you will suddenly have all the imagination and energy you will ever need.
Smart kids over think what they know as a boundary.
I was asleep in my own bed.
I woke up and I was on the couch.
Without a thought I got up, went about my day. And thus went to sleep again.
And awoke on my dining room chair.

The next outside...

The next across town...

The next another country...